My paintings are an expression of the dialogue, which takes place between the object I paint and myself. For this reason, I chose to paint portraits, which allow me to express this dialogue and the emotions I am feeling.

My portraits express different feelings – happiness, sadness, anger and they are about acceptance of all human emotions and finding a balanced and positive outlook on life. They mostly symbolise the transformation and mix of emotions within myself and so they are very personal in that way. There is a direct link between my paintings and my life journey.

After over 10 years of doing different jobs, from shop assistant to data administrator for big multinational companies, the need for creativity took over anxiousness. I decided to step out of my comfort zone as I felt a great need to paint. As a result I have been working as a full time artist for over 5 years. This decision led to significant changes both in terms of my private life and in terms of how my artwork developed and moved forward. With time, I have noticed my paintings, especially the later ones, have become lighter in form and colours but have also stayed bold and courageous in their overall style.

From time to time, I return to the darker and more intense tones. As with colours and style, the titles of my artworks correspond closely to the emotion I would like to portray to the viewer.

My work is strongly influenced by things which inspire me in my everyday life – nature, beauty fashion and interior design

Education and BIO

Born in Poland

2005 B.A. Degree in Visual Communications, Poznan, Poland

2003 moved to Ireland

2003/2004-2013 working in field not related with art

2013 till now full time artist




Embark Magazine

Borealis Magazine

Aesthetica Artists'Directory

OOB Magazine

Copelouzos Family Art Museum

Selected exhibitions

26-29 July 2018 The Other Art Fair Bristol; The Passenger Shed; UK

16-19/03/2017 Architectural Diget Design Show; NYC; USA; represented by ART UpClose Gallery

06/2014 “Art Crasher” Group Show; Los Angeles; USA

09/2012 “Dublin Contemptibles 2, Gentrify THIS” ; Group Show; 033; Dublin; Ireland

06/2012 “Street Art”; Group Show; Little Green Art Gallery; Dublin; Ireland

05/2012 “More than meets the eye”; Group Show; Dublin; Ireland

22/03/2012 “Once upon a time…” ; Solo Show; Centre of Creative Practices; Dublin; Ireland

08/2008 “A Street Art Appreciation Project”; Invoke Street Art; Temple Bar; Dublin; Ireland

06/2008 “Made to Last “; Group Show; Back Loft Art Gallery; Dublin; Ireland

10/2007 “New Community Expo”; Group Show; RDS; Dublin; Ireland

2005 “Tarot”; Solo Show; The Village Club; Dublin; Ireland